Dress Code


Creative Movement
Ballet/Tap Combo 

Girls - any color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes

Boys - plain t-shirt, exercise/sweat pants, black ballet shoes, black tap shoes    Creative Movement classes do not need tap shoes.


Girls - black leotard, pink convertible style tights, a petal skirt, pink ballet shoes

Boys - white t-shirt, black dance pants, a dance belt if necessary, black ballet shoes  
PrePointe dancers must wear convertible style tights.


Girls - black dance/yoga pants, a tank top, or leotard, black tap shoes

Boys - black exercise/sweat pants, a tank top, black tap shoes

Hip Hop

All students must wear pants that cover their knees (no jeans!), a t-shirt or tank top, and clean tennis shoes.

Jazz/Musical Theater/Contemporary

Girls - black dance/yoga pants, a tank top or leotard, black jazz shoes  Boys - black exercise/sweat pants, a
tank top, black jazz shoes


Long hair must be pulled back into a ponytail or bun (bun is preferred for ballet).  A soft headband or barrettes are required if hair is mid-length and does not fit into a ponytail.   Ballet I and higher level students must wear their hair in a bun if it is long enough.

Please make sure your dancer does not wear school clothes to dance class and has their dance wear packed if they are coming straight from school.  Dancers cannot work in jeans and shorts expose knees which can be painful when we work on the floor.  Loose fitting clothing also make it very hard for instructors to see the dancer’s body in order to watch alignment and make corrections.